Hours: 10a - 5p
Monday - Saturday
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Service and Repair

We offer repair and cleaning for Husqvarna Viking sewing and embroidery machines. Our Certified Technician is on sight and ready to help get your machine running again.  Drop Off times are Monday- Saturday 1030am- 5pm.

When bringing in your Husqvarna Viking machine, please print out this form, fill it out and bring in all the items listed. If there are any items missing when the machine is dropped off, a $40 procurement fee will be added to the final sale at pick up.

Items that need to be brought in along with your machine are:

☐Power Cord

☐ Foot Pedal

☐ 2 bobbins ( 1 should be empty)

☐ A or B foot

☐ Q or R foot( embroidery machines only)

☐Bobbin lid cover

☐Embroidery unit (Embroidery Machines only)

The form requires a pdf viewer like Adobe. If you are unable to open this form, please stop in and we can give you a copy.

Machine Software update

If your machine requires a software update:
- and you are unsure how to update your machine, please bring to the store. Most of the time updates can be done in the store
- and you're not sure if the software on your machine and the new update is in consecutive order, bring your machine to the store anyways. Software updates build on each other and skipping updates can put your machine in a boot cycle

If you own a machine on the list below and it is brought in for a cleaning/servicing, it will be updated to the current software update

Machines that we are able to update:
Diamond series
Jade 35
Ruby series
Topaz series
Sapphire 960Q/965Q